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 2012A concise, efficient synthesis of sugar-based benzothiazoles through chemoselective intramolecular C–S couplingShen, Chao; Xia, Haijun; Yan, Hua; Chen, Xinzhi; Ranjit, Sadananda; Xie, Xiaoji; Tan, Davin; Lee, Richmond; Yang, Yanmei; Xing, Bengang; Huang, Kuo-Wei; Zhang, Pengfei; Liu, Xiaogang
2013Functionalised silica coated nanoparticle hybrids for drug delivery and imagingYang, Yanmei
 2012In vitro and in vivo uncaging and bioluminescence imaging by using photocaged upconversion nanoparticlesWang, Chao; Teng, Xue; Cheng, Kai; Cheng, Zhen; Huang, Ling; Liu, Zhuang; Liu, Xiaogang; Xing, Bengang; Yang, Yanmei; Shao, Qing; Deng, Renren
 2013NIR photoresponsive crosslinked upconverting nanocarriers toward selective intracellular drug releaseYang, Yanmei; Velmurugan, Bhaarathy; Liu, Xiaogang; Xing, Bengang
2005Product family configuration design modelingYang, Yanmei