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2017Aluminum nanostructures with strong visible-range SERS activity for versatile micropatterning of molecular security labelsLay, Chee Leng; Koh, Charlynn Sher Lin; Wang, Jing; Lee, Yih Hong; Jiang, Ruibin; Yang, Yijie; Yang, Zhe; Phang, In Yee; Ling, Xing Yi
2018Creating two self-assembly micro-environments to achieve supercrystals with dual structures using polyhedral nanoparticlesLee, Yih Hong; Lay, Chee Leng; Shi, Wenxiong; Lee, Hiang Kwee; Yang, Yijie; Li, Shuzhou; Ling, Xing Yi
2017Direct metal writing and precise positioning of gold nanoparticles within microfluidic channels for SERS sensing of gaseous analytesLee, Mian Rong; Lee, Hiang Kwee; Yang, Yijie; Koh, Charlynn Sher Lin; Lay, Chee Leng; Lee, Yih Hong; Phang, In Yee; Ling, Xing Yi
2018A dopant‐free polymer as hole‐transporting material for highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cellsLi, Xianqiang; Tang, Xiaohong; Yang, Yijie; Ye, Tao; Wu, Dan; Wang, Hong; Li, Jun; Wang, Xizu
2017Flexible three-dimensional anticounterfeiting plasmonic security labels : utilizing z-axis-dependent SERS readouts to encode multilayered molecular informationLiu, Yejing; Lee, Yih Hong; Lee, Mian Rong; Yang, Yijie; Ling, Xing Yi
2015Nanoscale surface chemistry directs the tunable assembly of silver octahedra into three two-dimensional plasmonic superlatticesLee, Yih Hong; Shi, Wenxiong; Lee, Hiang Kwee; Jiang, Ruibin; Phang, In Yee; Cui, Yan; Isa, Lucio; Yang, Yijie; Wang, Jianfang; Li, Shuzhou; Ling, Xing Yi
2018Self-assembly of shape-controlled nanoparticles into tunable two- dimensional metasurfaces at the oil- water interfaceYang, Yijie
2017Tuning molecular-level polymer conformations enables dynamic control over both the interfacial behaviors of Ag nanocubes and their assembled metacrystalsYang, Yijie; Lee, Yih Hong; Lay, Chee Leng; Ling, Xing Yi