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2014Formal hydration of non-activated terminal olefins using tandem catalystsYang, Yongsheng; Guo, Jiayi; Ng, Huimin; Chen, Zhiyong; Teo, Peili
2015Formal Intermolecular Hydroamination of Unbiased Olefins for Primary Amine FormationYang, Yongsheng; Wong, Nurul Imma; Teo, Peili
2019Highly stretchable, elastic, and ionic conductive hydrogel for artificial soft electronicsZhou, Yang; Wan, Changjin; Yang, Yongsheng; Yang, Hui; Wang, Shancheng; Dai, Zhendong; Ji, Keju; Jiang, Hui; Chen, Xiaodong; Long, Yi