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2014Class D amplifiersYang, Yu
 2017High-performance three-phase PWM converter with a reduced dc-link capacitor under unbalanced AC voltage conditionsRen, Chunguang; Han, Xiaoqing; Wang, Lei; Yang, Yu; Qin, Wenping; Wang, Peng
 2015Hydrothermal assembly of two new 3D zinc(II) pcu nets : coordination chemistry, crystal structures, and fluorescence propertiesZhu, Xiaofei; Yang, Yu; Jiang, Ning; Li, Bo; Zhou, Defeng; Fu, Hai; Wang, Ning
2017Investigation of the voltage collapse mechanism in three-phase PWM rectifiersHan, Xiaoqing; Ren, Chunguang; Yang, Yu; Wang, Peng; Li, Huipeng
 2017A modified one-cycle-control-based active power filter for harmonic compensationWang, Lei; Han, Xiaoqing; Ren, Chunguang; Yang, Yu; Wang, Peng
2005A study on issues and recommendations on management for collective enterprisesGao, Zhongmin; Yang, Yu; Zhao, Xue