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 2022Automatic determination of coupling time step and region in unresolved DEM-CFDWang, M.; Liu, J. B.; Wang, X. F.; Yan, X. L.; Yao, Liming; Yue, Q. B.
 2022Computational framework for the simulation of multi material laser powder bed fusionTang, Chao; Yao, Liming; Du, Hejun
2022Evaluation of deep penetration of high-temperature sustained-release acid based on the reaction kinetics and conductivity of acid-etched fracturesSui, Yu; Cao, Guangsheng; Guo, Tianyue; Zhang, Zihang; Bai, Yujie; Wu, Jiajun; Yao, Liming
 2022Microstructure and properties of jet pulse electrodeposited Ni-TiN nanocoatingsLi, Qiang; Xia, Fafeng; Liu, Guifen; Yao, Liming
 2022Microstructures and properties of nickel-titanium carbide composites fabricated by laser claddingYu, Xinlong; Ma, Chunyang; Yao, Liming; Xiao, Zhongmin; Ren, Yongliang
 2021A new multi-field coupled dynamic analysis method for fracturing pipesYao, Liming; Xiao, Zhongmin; Liu, Jubao; Zhang, Qiang
 2021On the formation of “Fish-scale” morphology with curved grain interfacial microstructures during selective laser melting of dissimilar alloysYao, Liming; Huang, Sheng; Ramamurty, Upadrasta; Xiao, Zhongmin
 2022An optimized CFD-DEM method for particle collision and retention analysis of two-phase flow in a reduced-diameter pipeYao, Liming; Liu, Yuxi; Liu, Jubao; Xiao, Zhongmin; Xie, Kun; Cao, Huihui; Zhang, Hailong