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 2020Achieving ultrahigh-energy-density in flexible and lightweight all-solid-state internal asymmetric tandem 6.6 V all-in-one supercapacitorsZhou, Z.; Li, Q.; Yuan, L.; Tang, L.; Wang, X.; He, B.; Man, P.; Li, C.; Xie, L.; Lu, W.; Wei, Lei; Zhang, Qichong; Yao, Y.
 2020All-in-one stretchable coaxial-fiber strain sensor integrated with high-performing supercapacitorPan, Z.; Yang, J.; Li, L.; Gao, X.; Kang, Lixing; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Qichong; Kou, Z.; Zhang, T.; Wei, Lei; Yao, Y.; Wang, J.
 2020Engineering MoS2 nanosheets on spindle-like α-Fe2O3 as high-performance core–shell pseudocapacitive anodes for fiber-shaped aqueous lithium-ion capacitorsMan, Ping; Zhang, Qichong; Zhou, Z.; Chen, Mengxiao; Yang, Jiao; Wang, Zhe; Wang, Zhixun; He, B.; Li, Q.; Gong, W.; Lu, W.; Yao, Y.; Wei, Lei