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1999Design optimization using advanced dynamic techniquesLiew, Kim Meow; Doraiswami Ravi; Lim, Mong King; Du, Ho Bing; Yap, Fook Fah; Lin, Rongming
2003Development of a mechanical system design workbench for use in a virtual environmentFok, Sai Cheong.; Yap, Fook Fah.
2001Development of a virtual reality environment for human-powered vehicle simulationTian, Ming Hui.
 2020Development of an improved design methodology and front steering design guideline for small-wheel bicycles for better stability and performancePaudel, Milan; Yap, Fook Fah
2001Development of an interactive user interface for a virtual-reality bicycle simulation systemWang, Yu.
2020External corrosion detection of oil pipelines using fiber opticsVahdati, Nader; Wang, Xueting; Shiryayev, Oleg; Rostron, Paul; Yap, Fook Fah
2003Feedback control of flutter of rotating disksMd. Emdadul Hoque.
 2013A knowledge-based web platform for collaborative physical system modeling and simulationZhang, Yanshan; Yap, Fook Fah; Jasleen, Singh; Lei, Ting; Gao, Lei
2000Noise and vibration prediction on a hard disk drive using statistical energy analysis with the incorporation of finite element and experimental methodsChiang, Lilian Chang Wee.
2017Reducing Fuel Consumption Using Flywheel Battery Technology for Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes in Container TerminalsTan, Kai Hou; Yap, Fook Fah
2001Statistical energy analysis applied to structure-borne noise in computer equipmentOoi, Tak Koon.
1999Statistical energy analysis of structural vibration : numerical, experimental and analytical investigationsDu, Hong Bing.
2021Vibration analysis of the third rail structure of a mass rapid transit system with structural defectsPaudel, Milan; Lim, Li Jie; Yap, Fook Fah; Kho, Kevin
2002Virtual prototyping of hydraulic systemsXiang, Wei