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2021A high-throughput genetic screening protocol to measure lipid bilayer stress-induced unfolded protein response in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeHo, Nurulain; Yap, Wei Sheng; Thibault, Guillaume
2022Human PERK rescues unfolded protein response-deficient yeast cellsYap, Wei Sheng; Thibault, Guillaume
2020Stress sensor Ire1 deploys a divergent transcriptional program in response to lipid bilayer stressHo, Nurulain; Yap, Wei Sheng; Xu, Jiaming; Wu, Haoxi; Koh, Jhee Hong; Goh, Wilson Wen Bin; George, Bhawana; Chong, Shu Chen; Taubert, Stefan; Thibault, Guillaume
2020The yeast FIT2 homologs are necessary to maintain cellular proteostasis and membrane lipid homeostasisYap, Wei Sheng; Shyu Jr., Peter; Gaspar, Maria Laura; Jesch, Stephen A.; Marvalim, Charlie; Prinz, William A.; Henry, Susan A.; Thibault, Guillaume