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20203D geometric engineering of the double wedge-like electrodes for filament-type RRAM device performance improvementSun, Jianxun; Li, Yuanbo; Ye, Yiyang; Zhang, Jun; Chong, Gang Yih; Tan, Juan Boon; Liu, Zhen; Chen, Tupei
 2018A deformable and highly robust ethyl cellulose transparent conductor with a scalable silver nanowires bundle micromeshXiong, Jiaqing; Li, Shaohui; Ye, Yiyang; Wang, Jiangxin; Qian, Kai; Cui, Peng; Gao, Dace; Lin, Meng-Fang; Chen, Tupei; Lee, Pooi See
2018Effect of surface scattering of electrons on ratios of optical absorption and scattering to extinction of gold nanoshellYe, Yiyang; Liu, Zhen; Yuan, Xu; Chen, Tu Pei
2019Metallic nanoparticle's localized surface plasmon resonance effect and its application in transparent projection displayYe, Yiyang
2018Resonant scattering of green light enabled by Ag@TiO2 and its application in a green light projection screenYe, Yiyang; Chen, Tupei; Zhen, Juyuan; Xu, Chen; Zhang, Jun; Li, Huakai
2019Selective scattering of blue and red light based on silver and gold nanocubesYe, Yiyang; Chen, Tu Pei
2019Sharp selective scattering of red, green, and blue light achieved via gain material’s loss compensationYe, Yiyang; Liu, Rongyue; Song, Zhigang; Liu, Zhen; Chen, Tupei