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2019Do superstitious beliefs affect influenza vaccine uptake through shaping health beliefs?Lu, Jiahui; Luo, Meiyin; Yee, Andrew Zi Han; Sheldenkar, Anita; Lau, Jerrald; Lwin, May Oo
2017The influence of parental practices on child promotive and preventive food consumption behaviors: a systematic review and meta-analysisYee, Andrew Zi Han; Lwin, May Oo; Ho, Shirley Soo Yee
 2020A macro-level assessment of introducing children food advertising restrictions on children’s unhealthy food cognitions and behaviorsLwin, May Oo; Yee, Andrew Zi Han; Lau, Jerrald; Ng, Janelle S.; Lam, Jocelin Y.; Cayabyab, Ysa Marie; Malik, Shelly; Vijaya K.
2019Parental communication and children's food choices : understanding the theoretical processes and conditions of effectYee, Andrew Zi Han
2018Parents' responses to cyberbullying effects : how third-person perception influences support for legislation and parental mediation strategiesHo, Shirley S.; Lwin, May Oo; Yee, Andrew Zi Han; Sng, Jeremy Rong Hui; Chen, Liang
2021Promoting healthier eating via parental communication : development and validation of the active and restrictive parental guidance questionnaire (PARQ)Yee, Andrew Zi Han; Lwin, May Oo; Ho, Shirley S.
2020Temporal and textual analysis of social media on collective discourses during the Zika virus pandemicLwin, May Oo; Lu, Jiahui; Sheldenkar, Anita; Cayabyab, Ysa Marie; Yee, Andrew Zi Han; Smith, Helen Elizabeth
 2017Understanding factors associated with Singaporean adolescents' intention to adopt privacy protection behavior using an extended theory of planned behaviorHo, Shirley Sooyee; Lwin, May Oo; Yee, Andrew Zi Han; Lee, Edmund Wei Jian