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2018Longitudinal study of cellular and systemic cytokine signatures to define the dynamics of a balanced immune environment during disease manifestation in Zika virus–infected patientsLum, Fok-Moon; Lee, Bernett; Lye, David Chien Boon; Tan, Jeslin J. L.; Siti N. Amrun; Chia, Po-Ying; Chua, Tze-Kwang; Kam, Yiu-Wing; Yee, Wearn-Xin; Ling, Wei-Ping; Mok, Esther W. H.; Chong, Chia-Yin; Leo, Yee-Sin; Ng, Lisa F. P.; Lim, Vanessa W. X.; Pang, Vincent J. X.
2018Zika virus infection preferentially counterbalances human peripheral monocyte and/or NK cell activityLum, Fok-Moon; Lee, David; Chua, Tze-Kwang; Tan, Jeslin J.L.; Lee, Cheryl Y. P.; Liu, Xuan; Fang, Yongxiang; Lee, Bernett; Yee, Wearn-Xin; Rickett, Natasha Y.; Chia, Po-Ying; Lim, Vanessa; Leo, Yee-Sin; Matthews, David A.; Hiscox, Julian A.; Ng, Lisa F. P.