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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Achieving small-world properties using bio-inspired techniques in wireless networksAgarwal, Rachit; Banerjee, Abhik; Gauthier, Vincent; Becker, Monique; Yeo, Chai Kiat; Lee, Bu-Sung
 2012Adaptive load balancing algorithm for multiple homing mobile nodesZhong, Feng; Yeo, Chai Kiat; Lee, Bu-Sung
 2022Approximate personalized propagation for unsupervised embedding in heterogeneous graphsChen, Yibi; Hu, Yikun; Li, Keqin; Yeo, Chai Kiat; Li, Kenli
1999ATM-enhanced multimedia meeting environmentLee, Bu Sung; Chan, Tony Kai Yun; Chai, Liang Tien; Yeo, Chai Kiat
 2012CDC : an energy-efficient contact discovery scheme for pocket switched networksYang, Shengbo; Yeo, Chai Kiat; Lee, Bu-Sung
2012Cluster-based adaptive multispectrum sensing and access in cognitive radio networksZhang, Wenjie; Yeo, Chai Kiat
2018Detecting flooding attack and accommodating burst traffic in delay-tolerant networksPham, Thi Ngoc Diep; Yeo, Chai Kiat; Yanai, Naoto; Fujiwara, Toru
 2020Distributed algorithm for AP association with random arrivals and departures of usersChen, Zhenwei; Zhang, Wenjie; Zheng, Yifeng; Yang, Liwen; Yeo, Chai Kiat
 2022Distributed algorithm for computation offloading in mobile edge computing considering user mobility and task randomnessZheng, F. Yifeng; Huang, S. Lei; Zhang, T. Wenjie; Yang, F. Jingmin; Yang, F. Liwei; Yeo, Chai Kiat
2018Distributed decisions on TV spectrum allocation considering spatial and temporal variationChen, Zhenwei; Zhang, Wenjie; Yang, Jingmin; Yang, Liwei; Yeo, Chai Kiat
2019Dynamic spectrum allocation for heterogeneous cognitive radio networks with multiple channelsZhang, Wenjie; Sun, Yingjuan; Deng, Lei; Yeo, Chai Kiat; Yang, Liwei
2017Energy Efficiency Consideration for Indoor Femtocell Networks in TV White SpacesZhang, Wenjie; Zhang, Guanglin; Zheng, Yifeng; Xie, Lingfu; Yeo, Chai Kiat
2018Evolutionary multi-objective optimization based ensemble autoencoders for image outlier detectionChen, Zhaomin; Yeo, Chai Kiat; Lee, Bu Sung; Lau, Chiew Tong; Jin, Yaochu
 2012Exploring locality of reference in P2P VoD systemsWang, Danqi; Yeo, Chai Kiat
1999Framework for VOD services over ATM and IP networksPoon, Sui Meng.
2006HPAM : hybrid protocol for application layer multicastYeo, Chai Kiat
 2022Hybrid market-based resources allocation in Mobile Edge Computing systems under stochastic informationHuang, Xiaowen; Gong, Shimin; Yang, Jingmin; Zhang, Wenjie; Yang, Liwei; Yeo, Chai Kiat
 2012Joint iterative algorithm for optimal cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networksZhang, Wenjie; Yeo, Chai Kiat
 2013A MAC sensing protocol design for data transmission with more protection to primary usersZhang, Wenjie; Yeo, Chai Kiat; Li, Yifan
 2012MaxCD : max-rate based cooperative downloading for drive-thru networksYang, Shengbo; Yeo, Chai Kiat; Lee, Bu-Sung