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2005Design and fabrication of a new ultrasonic device and its application for drug deliveryZhang, Hong Ye
2000Development of a micro-accretion process for three dimensional structuresChoo, Jian Huei.
1999Development of a novel precision grinding technique for micro-partsBalon, Stephane
 2018Effects of ambient pressure and fluid temperature in ultrasonic cavitation machiningNagalingam, Arun Prasanth; Yeo, Swee Hock
2016The effects of dub-off angle on chip evacuation in single-lip deep hole gun drillingWan, S.; Tnay, Guan Leong; Woon, Keng Soon; Yeo, Swee Hock
2016Fabrication of 3D submicron to micro textured surfaces using backside patterned texturing (BPT)Ahmed, Syed Adnan; Ko, Jeong Hoon; Yeo, Swee Hock
2003Generic modeling of computer integrated manufacturing and assembly systemsDe Souza, Robert; Gan, Jacob Gah-Kok; Ho, Nai Choon; Luong, L. H. S.; Yeo, Swee Hock; Yeong, Hin Yuen
2002Inkjet nozzle fabrication - a critical review and feasibility studyYau, Kam Hung.
2000Investigation of micro-EDM controllable factors on machined silicon surface qualityNachiappan Ravi
2020Multiphase hydrodynamic flow finishing for surface integrity enhancement of additive manufactured internal channelsNagalingam, Arun Prasanth; Yuvaraj, Hemanth Kumar; Santhanam, Vijay; Yeo, Swee Hock
2018Predictive modelling of surface roughness for double vibropolishing in trough systemAlcaraz, Joselito Yam Tomacder; Mankar, A.V.; Ahluwalia, Kunal; Mediratta, Rijul; Majumdar, Kausik Kumar; Yeo, Swee Hock
1997Production sequence generation and tolerance allocation for least production cost optimizationChen, Hang.
2020Synergistic effects in hydrodynamic cavitation abrasive finishing for internal surface-finish enhancement of additive-manufactured componentsNagalingam, Arun Prasanth; Yuvaraj, Hemanth Kumar; Yeo, Swee Hock
2004Towards grinding efficiency improvement using a new oil-air mist lubricated spindleRamesh, K.