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2012Characterization of thin-film GaAs diodes grown on germanium-on-insulator on Si substrateChia, Ching Kean; Xu, Z.; Yoon, S. F.; Yeo, Y. C.; Cheng, Y. B.; Dalapati, G. K.
2013Integration of TaOx-based resistive-switching element and GaAs diodeChi, Dong Zhi; Xu, Z.; Tong, X.; Yoon, S. F.; Yeo, Y. C.; Dalapati, G. K.; Chia, Ching Kean
 2012A self-rectifying A1Oy bipolar RRAM with sub-50μA set/reset current for cross-bar architectureLiu, W. J.; Yeo, Y. C.; Nguyen, B. Y.; Tran, Xuan Anh; Zhu, Wei; Yu, Hongyu
 2012A self-rectifying HfOx-based unipolar RRAM with NiSi electrodeTran, Xuan Anh; Gao, Bin; Yu, Hongyu; Zhu, W. G.; Kang, J. F.; Liu, W. J.; Fang, Z.; Wang, Z. R.; Yeo, Y. C.; Nguyen, B. Y.; Li, M. F.
2005Valence band structure of ultrathin silicon and germanium channels in metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistorsLow, Tony; Li, M. F.; Yeo, Y. C.; Fan, Weijun; Ng, S. T.; Kwong, Dim Lee