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 2014Enzyme-responsive cell-penetrating peptides conjugated mesoporous silica quantum dots nanocarriers for controlled release of nucleus-targeted drug molecules and real-time intracellular fluorescence imaging of tumor cellsCosta, Marianne; Yeow, Edwin K. L.; Li, Jinming; Liu, Fang; Shao, Qing; Min, Yuanzeng; Xing, Bengang
 2014Interplay of hole transfer and host-guest interaction in molecular dyad and triad : ensemble and single-molecule spectroscopy and sensing applicationsWu, Xiangyang; Liu, Fang; Wells, Kym L.; Tan, Serena L. J.; Webster, Richard D.; Tan, Howe-Siang; Zhang, Dawei; Xing, Bengang; Yeow, Edwin K. L.
 2014Near-infrared light-mediated photoactivation of a platinum antitumor prodrug and simultaneous cellular apoptosis imaging by upconversion-luminescent nanoparticlesMin, Yuanzeng; Li, Jinming; Liu, Fang; Yeow, Edwin K. L.; Xing, Bengang
 2014Plasma modified MoS2 nanoflakes for surface enhanced Raman scatteringSun, Linfeng; Hu, Hailong; Zhan, Da; Yan, Jiaxu; Liu, Lei; Teguh, Jefri S.; Yeow, Edwin K. L.; Lee, Pooi See; Shen, Zexiang
2020Single-particle tracking of the formation of a pseudo-equilibrium state prior to interfacial charged microgel cluster formationYeow, Edwin K. L.
2020Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy reveals nanoscale catalytic heterogeneity on single copper nanowiresOw, Matthew Jun Kit; Ng, Jia Jun; Yong, Jian Xiong; Quek, Benjamin Yi Liang; Yeow, Edwin K. L.; Zhang, Zhengyang
2017Transcending the slow bimolecular recombination in lead-halide perovskites for electroluminescenceHuang, Wei; Xing, Guichuan; Wu, Bo; Wu, Xiangyang; Li, Mingjie; Du, Bin; Wei, Qi; Guo, Jia; Yeow, Edwin K. L.; Sum, Tze Chien
2015Ultrafast Electron and Hole Relaxation Pathways in Few-Layer MoS2Nie, Zhaogang; Long, Run; Teguh, Jefri S.; Huang, Chung-Che; Hewak, Daniel W.; Yeow, Edwin K. L.; Shen, Zexiang; Prezhdo, Oleg V.; Loh, Zhi-Heng