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2019Assessment of the clogging potential of two claysKang, Chao; Wu, Yichen; Yi, Yaolin; Bayat, Alireza
 2019Bearing capacity of composite ground with soil-cement columns under earth fills : physical and numerical modelingNi, Pengpeng; Yi, Yaolin; Liu, Songyu
 2021Carbonating MgO for treatment of manganese- and cadmium-contaminated soilsLi, Wentao; Qin, Junde; Yi, Yaolin
2019Comparison of reactive magnesia, quick lime, and ordinary Portland cement for stabilization/solidification of heavy metal-contaminated soilsLi, Wentao; Ni, Pengpeng; Yi, Yaolin
2020Effects of oven temperature and addition of ethanol on measurement of water content and specific gravity of cement-stabilized soft clayYu, Hua; Yi, Yaolin; Puppala, Anand J.
2017Mechanical properties of clayey soil relevant for clogging potentialAlberto-Hernandez, Yolanda; Kang, Chao; Yi, Yaolin; Bayat, Alireza
2018Numerical investigation of T-shaped soil-cement column supported embankment over soft groundYi, Yaolin; Ni, Pengpeng; Liu, Songyu
 2020Numerical modeling of the annular failure pressure during HDD in noncohesive soilsRostami, A.; Kang, C.; Yi, Yaolin; Bayat, A.
2018Numerical study of earth pressures on rigid pipes with tire-derived aggregate inclusionsNi, Pengpeng; Qin, X.; Yi, Yaolin
 2018Simple methods for fluidic drag estimation during pipe installation via HDDRabiei, Montazar; Yi, Yaolin; Bayat, Alireza; Cheng, Roger
2019Soft clay stabilization using ladle slag-ground granulated blastfurnace slag blendXu, Bo; Yi, Yaolin
2016Subsurface profiling using horizontal drilling indices for guided boring methodKhondoker, Md. Tareq Hossain; Yi, Yaolin; Bayat, Alireza
 2020Use of ladle furnace slag containing heavy metals as a binding material in civil engineeringXu, Bo; Yi, Yaolin