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 2012Constant-time all-pairs geodesic distance query on triangle meshesXin, Shi-Qing; Ying, Xiang; He, Ying
 2012Efficient and robust 3D line drawings using difference-of-GaussianHe, Ying; Mueller-Wittig, Wolfgang; Ying, Xiang; Seah, Hock Soon; Zhang, Long; Xia, Jiazhi
 2012A global algorithm to compute defect-tolerant geodesic distanceXin, Shi-Qing; Quynh, Dao Thi Phuong; Ying, Xiang; He, Ying
 2013An intrinsic algorithm for parallel Poisson disk sampling on arbitrary surfacesYing, Xiang; He, Ying; Xin, Shi-Qing; Sun, Qian
2015Intrinsic computation of Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation (CVT) on meshesWang, Xiaoning; Ying, Xiang; Liu, Yong-Jin; Xin, Shi-Qing; Wang, Wenping; Gu, Xianfeng; Mueller-Wittig, Wolfgang; He, Ying