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2013DNA-based computingYong, Kian Yan
2011DNA-based computing of strategic assignment problemsShu, Jian Jun; Wang, Qi Wen; Yong, Kian Yan
2022Evolution of viral pathogens follows a linear orderTan, Zi Hian; Yong, Kian Yan; Shu, Jian Jun
2017Fourier-based classification of protein secondary structuresShu, Jian-Jun; Yong, Kian Yan
2013Identifying DNA motifs based on match and mismatch alignment informationShu, Jian Jun; Yong, Kian Yan
2012An improved scoring matrix for multiple sequence alignmentShu, Jian-Jun; Yong, Kian Yan; Chan, Weng Kong
2011Lecture notes in computer science : multiple DNA sequence alignment using joint weight matrixShu, Jian Jun; Yong, Kian Yan; Chan, Weng Kong