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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2013Aldimine-directed branched-selective hydroarylation of styrenesLee, Pin-Sheng; Yoshikai, Naohiko
 2014Alkene isomerization-hydroarylation tandem catalysis : indole C2-alkylation with aryl-substituted alkenes leading to 1,1-diarylalkanesYoshikai, Naohiko; Yamakawa, Takeshi
2012C2-Alkylation of N-pyrimidylindole with vinylsilane via cobalt-catalyzed C–H bond activationDing, Zhenhua; Yoshikai, Naohiko
 2012Cobalt-catalyzed addition of arylzinc reagents to alkynes to form ortho-alkenylarylzinc species through 1,4-cobalt migrationTan, Boon-Hong; Dong, Jinghua; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2014Cobalt-catalyzed addition of arylzinc reagents to norbornene derivatives through 1,4-cobalt mgrationTan, Boon-Hong; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2016Cobalt-Catalyzed Annulation of Salicylaldehydes and Alkynes to Form Chromones and 4-ChromanonesYang, Junfeng; Yoshikai, Naohiko
 2012Cobalt-catalyzed arylation of aldimines via directed C–H bond functionalization: addition of 2-arylpyridines and self-coupling of aromatic aldiminesYoshikai, Naohiko; Gao, Ke
2016Cobalt-Catalyzed Arylative Cyclization of Acetylenic Esters and Ketones with Arylzinc Reagents through 1,4-Cobalt MigrationYan, Jianming; Yoshikai, Naohiko
 2013Cobalt-catalyzed branched-selective addition of aromatic ketimines to styrenes under room-temperature conditionsDong, Jinghua; Lee, Pin-Sheng; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2017Cobalt-catalyzed C(sp2)–H/C(sp3)–H coupling via directed C–H activation and 1,5-hydrogen atom transferSun, Qiao; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2014Cobalt-catalyzed chelation-assisted alkylation of arenes with primary and secondary alkyl halidesGao, Ke; Yamakawa, Takeshi; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2018Cobalt-catalyzed directed : ortho-methylation of arenes with methyl tosylateSun, Qiao; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2014Cobalt-catalyzed directed alkylation of arenes with primary and secondary alkyl halidesYoshikai, Naohiko; Gao, Ke
2015Cobalt-catalyzed directed alkylation of olefinic C-H bond with primary and secondary alkyl chloridesYamakawa, Takeshi; Yoshikai, Naohiko; Seto, Yuan Wah
2018Cobalt-catalyzed directed C–H alkenylation of pivalophenone N–H imine with alkenyl phosphatesXu, Wengang; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2014Cobalt-catalyzed enantioselective directed C-H alkylation of indole with styrenesLee, Pin-Sheng; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2019Cobalt-catalyzed hydroacylative dimerization of allenes leading to skipped dienesDing, Wei; Ho, Terence Yan King; Okuda, Yasuhiro; Wijaya, Christopher Kevin; Tan, Zheng Hao; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2019Cobalt-catalyzed intermolecular [2+2] cycloaddition between alkynes and allenesDing, Wei; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2015Cobalt-catalyzed intermolecular hydroacylation of olefins through chelation-assisted imidoyl C-H activationYang, Junfeng; Seto, Yuan Wah; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2018Cobalt-catalyzed intramolecular reactions between a vinylcyclopropane and an alkyne : switchable [5+2] cycloaddition and homo-ene pathwaysWu, Chunlin; Yoshikai, Naohiko