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2015Antimony and antimony oxide@graphene oxide obtained by the peroxide route as anodes for lithium-ion batteriesYu, Denis Yau Wai; Batabyal, Sudip Kumar; Gun, Jenny; Sladkevich, Sergey; Mikhaylov, Alexey A.; Medvedev, Alexander G.; Novotortsev, Vladimir M.; Lev, Ovadia; Prikhodchenko, Petr V.
2012Controlled growth of SnO2@Fe2O3 double-sided nanocombs as anodes for lithium-ion batteriesZhou, Weiwei; Tay, Yee Yan; Jia, Xingtao; Yu, Denis Yau Wai; Jiang, Jian; Hng, Huey Hoon; Yu, Ting
 2013Controlled synthesis of hierarchical graphene-wrapped TiO2@Co3O4 coaxial nanobelt arrays for high-performance lithium storageLuo, Yongsong; Zhou, Weiwei; Qi, Xiaoying; Zhang, Hua; Yu, Denis Yau Wai; Li, Chang Ming; Fan, Hong Jin; Yu, Ting; Luo, Jingshan
 2012Conversion of hydroperoxoantimonate coated graphenes to Sb2S3@Graphene for a superior lithium battery anodeMikhaylov, Alexey A.; Prikhodchenko, Petr V.; Gun, Jenny; Sladkevich, Sergey; Lev, Ovadia; Tay, Yee Yan; Batabyal, Sudip Kumar; Yu, Denis Yau Wai
 2012Seed-assisted synthesis of highly ordered TiO2@α-Fe2O3 core/shell arrays on carbon textiles for lithium-ion battery applicationsLuo, Yongsong; Luo, Jingshan; Jiang, Jian; Zhou, Weiwei; Yang, Huanping; Qi, Xiaoying; Zhang, Hua; Fan, Hong Jin; Yu, Denis Yau Wai; Li, Chang Ming; Yu, Ting
 2012Self-assembly of well-ordered whisker-like manganese oxide arrays on carbon fiber paper and its application as electrode material for supercapacitorsLuo, Yongsong; Jiang, Jian; Zhou, Weiwei; Yang, Huanping; Luo, Jingshan; Qi, Xiaoying; Zhang, Hua; Li, Chang Ming; Yu, Ting; Yu, Denis Yau Wai
 2013Synthesis of cobalt phosphides and their application as anodes for lithium ion batteriesHoster, Harry E.; Yang, Dan; Zhu, Jixin; Rui, Xianhong; Tan, Huiteng; Cai, Ren; Yu, Denis Yau Wai; Hng, Huey Hoon; Yan, Qingyu