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 2014Controlled functionalization of carbonaceous fibers for asymmetric solid-state micro-supercapacitors with high volumetric energy densityYu, Dingshan; Goh, Kunli; Zhang, Qiang; Wei, Li; Wang, Hong; Jiang, Wenchao; Chen, Yuan
2016Graphene oxide quantum dots covalently functionalized PVDF membrane with significantly-enhanced bactericidal and antibiofouling performancesZeng, Zhiping; Yu, Dingshan; He, Ziming; Liu, Jing; Xiao, Fang-Xing; Zhang, Yan; Wang, Rong; Bhattacharyya, Dibakar; Tan, Timothy Thatt Yang
 2014Nitrogen-doped graphene/carbon nanotube hybrids : in situ formation on bifunctional catalysts and their superior electrocatalytic activity for oxygen evolution/reduction reactionTian, Gui-Li; Zhao, Meng-Qiang; Yu, Dingshan; Kong, Xiang-Yi; Huang, Jia-Qi; Zhang, Qiang; Wei, Fei
2013Sulfur doped Co/SiO2 catalysts for chirally selective synthesis of single walled carbon nanotubesWang, Hong; Goh, Kunli; Xue, Rui; Yu, Dingshan; Jiang, Wenchao; Lau, Raymond; Chen, Yuan
 2015Ternary hybrids of amorphous nickel hydroxide-carbon nanotube-conducting polymer for supercapacitors with high energy density, excellent rate capability, and long cycle lifeJiang, Wenchao; Yu, Dingshan; Zhang, Qiang; Goh, Kunli; Wei, Li; Yong, Yili; Jiang, Rongrong; Wei, Jun; Chen, Yuan