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 2015Corporate governance and the information content of earnings announcements : a cross-country analysisLau, Sie Ting; Shrestha, Keshab; Yu, Jing
 2014Exchange-coupled fct-FePd/α-Fe nanocomposite magnets converted from Pd/Fe3O4 core/shell nanoparticlesLiu, Fei; Dong, Yunhe; Yang, Wenlong; Yu, Jing; Xu, Zhichuan; Hou, Yanglong
2017Multivalent ions induce lateral structural inhomogeneities in polyelectrolyte brushesYu, Jing; Jackson, Nicholas E.; Xu, Xin; Brettmann, Blair K.; Ruths, Marina; de Pablo, Juan J.; Tirrell, Matthew
2017Temperature-Controlled Reversible and Salt-Controlled Recoverable Double-Network Hydrogels with Ultrahigh Mechanical Strength, Stretchable ToughnessYu, Jing
2009Three essays on international capital marketsYu, Jing