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2017Damage detection in quasi-isotropic composite bends using ultrasonic feature guided wavesYu, Xudong; Ratassepp, Madis; Fan, Zheng
 2019Detection of damage in welded joints using high order feature guided ultrasonic wavesYu, Xudong; Zuo, Peng; Xiao, Jing; Fan, Zheng
2018Identification of damage in composite structures based on feature guided ultrasonic wavesYu, Xudong
2017Interaction of guided waves with delaminations in composite plate structuresGupta, Saurabh; Yu, Xudong; Fan, Zheng; Rajagopal, Prabhu
 2018Remote monitoring of bond line defects between a composite panel and a stiffener using distributed piezoelectric sensorsYu, Xudong; Fan, Zheng; Puliyakote, Sreedhar; Castaings, Michel