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2019Cellular- and network-level regulation of place cell activity mediated by activity-dependent gene, ArcYuan, Li
2016Place cells and long-term potentiation in the hippocampusCobar, Luis Fernando; Yuan, Li; Tashiro, Ayumu
 2013The temperature dependent TCAD and SPICE modeling of AlGaN/GaN HEMTsYuan, Li; Wang, Weizhu; Lo, Guo-Qiang; Lee, Kean Boon; Sun, Haifeng; Selvaraj, Susai Lawrence; Zhou, Xing
2017Tuning charge transport across junctions of ferrocene-containing polymer brushes on ITO by controlling the brush thickness and the tether lengthsGan, Lu; Suchand Sangeeth, C. S.; Yuan, Li; Jańczewski, Dominik; Song, Jing; Nijhuis, Christian A.
 2012Unified regional modeling of GaN HEMTs with the 2DEG and DD formalismZhang, Junbin; Syamal, Binit; Zhou, Xing; Chiah, Siau Ben; Zhou, Hongtao; Yuan, Li