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 2012Charged drug delivery by ultrafast exponentially grown weak polyelectrolyte multilayers : amphoteric properties, ultrahigh loading capacity and pH-responsivenessYuan, Weiyong; Lu, Zhisong; Li, Chang Ming
 2017Controlled self-assembly of Ni foam supported poly(ethyleneimine)/reduced graphene oxide three-dimensional composite electrodes with remarkable synergistic effects for efficient oxygen evolutionZhao, Ming; Yuan, Weiyong; Li, Chang Ming
2023Epitaxial growth of Pt–Pd bimetallic heterostructures for the oxygen reduction reactionZhang, Lian Ying; Zeng, Tiantian; Zheng, Linwei; Wang, Yanrui; Yuan, Weiyong; Niu, Mang; Guo, Chun Xian; Cao, Dapeng; Li, Chang Ming
 2012In situ synthesized heteropoly acid/polyaniline/graphene nanocomposites to simultaneously boost both double layer- and pseudo-capacitance for supercapacitorsCui, Zhiming; Guo, Chun Xian; Yuan, Weiyong; Li, Chang Ming
2010Layer-by-layer self-assembled weak polyelectrolyte-based novel multilayered film : fabrication, unique properties and applicationsYuan, Weiyong
 2012Miniature in vivo chitosan diaphragm-based fiber-optic ultrasound sensorChen, Li Han; Chan, Chi Chiu; Ang, Xiu Min; Yuan, Weiyong; Zu, Peng; Wong, Wei Chang; Zhang, Yifan; Leong, Kam Chew
 2012Stimuli-free reversible and controllable loading and release of proteins under physiological conditions by exponentially growing nanoporous multilayered structureYuan, Weiyong; Lu, Zhisong; Wang, Huili; Li, Chang Ming
 2017Synthesis of Cobalt Phosphide Nanoparticles Supported on Pristine Graphene by Dynamically Self-Assembled Graphene Quantum Dots for Hydrogen EvolutionWang, Xiaoyan; Yuan, Weiyong; Yu, Yanan; Li, Chang Ming
 2013Template-mediated growth of microsphere, microbelt and nanorod α-MoO3 structures and their high pseudo-capacitancesCui, Zhiming; Yuan, Weiyong; Li, Chang Ming
 2013ZnO nanowire array-templated LbL self-assembled polyelectrolyte nanotube arrays and application for charged drug deliveryYuan, Weiyong; Lu, Zhisong; Liu, Jinping; Wang, Huili; Li, Chang Ming