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 2019Pressure-retarded membrane distillation for low-grade heat recovery : the critical roles of pressure-induced membrane deformationYuan, Ziwen; Wei, Li; Afroze, Jannatul Dil; Goh, Kunli; Chen, Yumao; Yu, Yanxi; She, Qianhong; Chen, Yuan
 2019The roles of metal-organic frameworks in modulating water permeability of graphene oxide-based carbon membranesSui, Xiao; Ding, Hongru; Yuan, Ziwen; Leong, Chanel F.; Goh, Kunli; Li, Wei; Yang, Nuo; D'Alessandro, Deanna M.; Chen, Yuan
2022Status and advances of deep eutectic solvents for metal separation and recoveryYuan, Ziwen; Liu, Hang; Yong, Wai Fen; She, Qianhong; Esteban, Jesús
 2021The tripartite role of 2D covalent organic frameworks in graphene-based organic solvent nanofiltration membranesSui, Xiao; Wang, Yu; Liu, Fei; Yuan, Ziwen; Wang, Cheng; Yu, Yanxi; Zhou, Kun; Goh, Kunli; Chen, Yuan