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 2000Modern vertical deformation above the Sumatran subduction zone : paleogeodetic insights from coral microatollsZachariasen, Judith; Sieh, Kerry; Taylor, Frederick W.; Hantoro, Wahyoe S.
 1993Near-field investigations of the Landers earthquake sequence, April to July 1992Hauksson, Egill; Hudnut, Kenneth; Eberhart-Phillips, Donna; Heaton, Thomas; Sieh, Kerry; Hough, Susan; Hutton, Kate; Kanamori, Hiroo; Lilje, Anne; Lindvall, Scott; Stock, Joann; Thio, Hong Kie; Treiman, Jerome; Zachariasen, Judith; McGill, Sally F.; Mori, James.; Spotila, James A.; Jones, Lucile M.; Rubin, Charles M.; Wernicke, Brian P.
1999Submergence and uplift associated with the giant 1833 Sumatran subduction earthquake : evidence from coral microatollsTaylor, Frederick W.; Hantoro, Wahyoe S.; Zachariasen, Judith; Sieh, Kerry; Edwards, R. Lawrence
1995The transfer of slip between two en echelon strike-slip faults : a case study from the 1992 Landers earthquake, southern CaliforniaZachariasen, Judith; Sieh, Kerry