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2020BDANN : BERT-based domain adaptation neural network for multi-modal fake news detectionZhang, Tong; Wang, Di; Chen, Huanhuan; Zeng, Zhiwei; Guo, Wei; Miao, Chunyan; Cui, Lizhen
2018Building more explainable artificial intelligence with argumentationZeng, Zhiwei; Miao, Chunyan; Leung, Cyril; Chin, Jing Jih
2019Computing argumentative explanations in bipolar argumentation frameworksMiao, Chunyan; Leung, Cyril; Shen, Zhiqi; Chin, Jing Jih; Zeng, Zhiwei
2018Context-based and explainable decision making with argumentationZeng, Zhiwei; Fan, Xiuyi; Miao, Chunyan; Leung, Cyril; Chin, Jing Jih; Ong, Yew Soon
2020Explainable and argumentation-based decision making with qualitative preferences for diagnostics and prognostics of Alzheimer's DiseaseZeng, Zhiwei; Shen, Zhiqi; Tan, Benny Toh Hsiang; Chin, Jing Jih; Leung, Cyril; Wang, Yu; Chi, Ying; Miao, Chunyan
2022Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) for healthcare decision-makingZeng, Zhiwei
2021Goal modelling for deep reinforcement learning agentsLeung, Jonathan; Shen, Zhiqi; Zeng, Zhiwei; Miao, Chunyan
2016Human-centred design for silver assistantsZeng, Zhiwei; Borjigin, Ailiya; Miao, Chunyan; Leung, Cyril; Wang, Di; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2015Persuasive teachable agent in pedagogical gameZeng, Zhiwei
2018Towards long-term tracking and detection of early dementia : a computerized cognitive test battery with gamificationZeng, Zhiwei; Fauvel, Simon; Hsiang, Benny Tan Toh; Wang, Di; Qiu, Yang; Khuan, Pamela Chew Oi; Leung, Cyril; Shen, Zhiqi; Chin, Jing Jih