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2004Analysis, scheduling and planning in wafer fabrication systemsCitra Pramesti; Toh, Kai Aik; Zhang, Bo
2017Central limit theorem for the spiked eigenvalues of separable sample covariance matricesZhang, Bo
2020An efficient approach for measuring semantic similarity combining WordNet and WikipediaLi, Fei; Liao, Lejian; Zhang, Lanfang; Zhu, Xinhua; Zhang, Bo; Wang, Zheng
2017Improving acetyl-CoA biosynthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae via the overexpression of pantothenate kinase and PDH bypassLiu, Wenshan; Zhang, Bo; Jiang, Rongrong
2013Instability of sand under generalized stress conditionsZhang, Bo
2014Long period grating single mode fiber : tapered LPG device as refractive index sensingZhang, Bo
2012Long period microfiber grating : tapered microfiber LPG device as refractive index sensingZhang, Bo
2014Refractive index optical fiber sensor based on tapered long period gratingsZhang, Bo
2002Sensor data acquisition via bluetooth connectivityZhang, Bo
 2019Stearic acid/expanded graphite as a composite phase change thermal energy storage material for tankless solar water heaterLi, Chuanchang; Zhang, Bo; Xie, Baoshan; Zhao, Xinbo; Chen, Jian; Chen, Zhongsheng; Long, Yi
 2018Stretchable conductive fibers based on a cracking control strategy for wearable electronicsZhang, Bo; Lei, Jie; Qi, Dianpeng; Liu, Zhiyuan; Wang, Yu; Xiao, Gengwu; Wu, Jiansheng; Zhang, Weina; Huo, Fengwei; Chen, Xiaodong
 2020Though forced, still valid : psychometric equivalence of forced-choice and single-statement measuresZhang, Bo; Sun, Tianjun; Drasgow, Fritz; Chernyshenko, Oleksandr S.; Nye, Christopher D.; Stark, Stephen; White, Leonard A.