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2015Controlled growth of bismuth antimony telluride BixSb2 − xTe3 nanoplatelets and their bulk thermoelectric nanocompositesZhang, Chaohua; Peng, Zeping; Li, Zhong; Yu, Ligen; Khor, Khiam Aik; Xiong, Qihua
2017Minority carrier blocking to enhance the thermoelectric performance of solution-processed BixSb2 – xTe3 nanocomposites via a liquid-phase sintering processZhang, Chaohua; Ng, Hongkuan; Li, Zhong; Khor, Khiam Aik; Xiong, Qihua
2018Solution-processed n-type Bi2Te3 − xSex nanocomposites with enhanced thermoelectric performance via liquid-phase sinteringZhang, Chaohua; Zhang, Chunxiao; Ng, Hongkuan; Xiong, Qihua
 2018Synthesis, structure and nonlinear optical properties of solution-processed Bi2TeO5 nanocrystalsChen, Bin; Wang, Xingzhi; Li, Junqin; Xiong, Qihua; Zhang, Chaohua