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2018Applications of ultrafast multidimensional electronic spectroscopy to the study of plant light harvesting systems and colloidal quantum dotsZhang, Cheng
2009Characterization and electrical properties of Ni-NiO-Ni heterojunction nanowiresZhang, Cheng
2016Conformal TCO-semiconductor-metal nanowire array for narrowband and polarization-insensitive hot-electron photodetection applicationZhang, Cheng; Wu, Kai; Ling, Bo; Li, Xiaofeng
2015Energy transfer dynamics in trimers and aggregates of light-harvesting complex II probed by 2D electronic spectroscopyEnriquez, Miriam Grace Mangubat; Akhtar, Parveen; Zhang, Cheng; Garab, Győző; Lambrev, Petar H.; Tan, Howe-Siang
2017Excitation transfer and trapping kinetics in plant photosystem I probed by two-dimensional electronic spectroscopyAkhtar, Parveen; Zhang, Cheng; Liu, Zhengtang; Tan, Howe-Siang; Lambrev, Petar H.
 2018Nonvolatile tri-state resistive memory behavior of a stable pyrene-fused N-heteroacene with ten linearly-annulated ringsLi, Yang; Zhang, Cheng; Gu, Peiyang; Wang, Zilong; Li, Zhengqiang; Li, Hua; Lu, Jianmei; Zhang, Qichun
2016Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy of Chlorophyll a Excited-State Equilibration in Light-Harvesting Complex IIAkhtar, Parveen; Zhang, Cheng; Do, Thanh Nhut; Garab, Győző; Lambrev, Petar H.; Tan, Howe-Siang
2016Understanding the features in the ultrafast transient absorption spectra of CdSe quantum dotsZhang, Cheng; Do, Thanh Nhut; Ong, Xuanwei; Chan, Yinthai; Tan, Howe-Siang