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2015Application of constacyclic codes to quantum MDS codesChen, Bocong; Ling, San; Zhang, Guanghui
2015A construction of MDS quantum convolutional codesZhang, Guanghui; Chen, Bocong; Li, Liangchen
2014Constructions of new nonbinary quantum codesHu, Xueqin; Zhang, Guanghui; Chen, Bocong
2014The corrosion of stirrups and its effect on the seismic fragility of a corroded reinforced concrete (RC) columnZhang, Guanghui; Li, Bing
2014New quantum MDS codesZhang, Guanghui; Chen, Bocong
 2013A novel enveloping worm pair via employing the conjugating planar internal gear as counterpartChen, Yonghong; Zhang, Guanghui; Chen, Bingkui; Luo, Wenjun; Li, Fengji; Chen, Yan
2015The stress-strain relationship of concrete confined with corroded transverse reinforcementsZhang, Guanghui
2018Study of steel corrosion in strain-hardening cementitious composites (SHCC) via electrochemical techniquesChen, Zhitao; Zhang, Guanghui; Yang, En-Hua