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2018A consistent and long-term mapping approach for navigationZhang, Handuo; Karunasekera, Hasith; Wang, Han
 2019Energy minimization approach for negative obstacle region detectionKarunasekera, Hasith; Wang, Han; Zhang, Handuo
2019GMC : grid based motion clustering in dynamic environmentZhang, Handuo; Hasith, Karunasekera; Zhou, Hui; Wang, Han
2019Heading reference-assisted pose estimation for ground vehiclesWang, Han; Jiang, Rui; Zhang, Handuo; Ge, Shuzhi Sam
2020LaCNet : real-time end-to-end arbitrary-shaped lane and curb detection with instance segmentation networkZhou, Hui; Wang, Han; Zhang, Handuo; Hasith, Karunasekera
2019Multiple object tracking with attention to appearance, structure, motion and sizeKarunasekera, Hasith; Wang, Han; Zhang, Handuo
2019Real time multiple object tracking using deep features and localization informationKarunasekera, Hasith; Zhang, Handuo; Wang, Han
2019Real-time robust multi-lane detection and tracking in challenging urban scenariosZhou, Hui; Zhang, Handuo; Hasith, Karunasekera; Wang, Han
2022Visual metric and semantic localization for UGVZhang, Handuo