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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Advancing sino-US relations: putting agriculture firstZhang, Hongzhou
2013Behind China’s “grain miracle” : more than meets the eye?Zhang, Hongzhou
2011China and global food security : conflicting notionsZhang, Hongzhou
2013China as the world’s largest rice importer : regional implicationsJ. Jackson Ewing; Zhang, Hongzhou
2014China is marching west for foodZhang, Hongzhou
2012China's economic restructuring : role of agricultureZhang, Hongzhou
2011China's food conundrum : insecurity of the rural abandonedZhang, Hongzhou
2013China's food security : from self-sufficiency to a dual strategyZhang, Hongzhou
2011China's food security : questioning the numbersZhang, Hongzhou
2012China's food security : sourcing from the seasZhang, Hongzhou
2014China's global agricultural strategy : an open system safeguard the country's food securityCheng, Guoqiang; Zhang, Hongzhou
2014China's global resource drive : a market-oriented strategy for foodZhang, Hongzhou
2011China's high speed rail system : impact on food securityZhang, Hongzhou; Zhang, Mingliang
2011China's minimum grain purchase price policy: impacts and implications.Zhang, Hongzhou
2014China's proposed silk road : problems and priorities in Central AsiaZhang, Hongzhou
2015China-India water disputes : two major misperceptions revisitedZhang, Hongzhou
2012China’s evolving fishing industry : implications for regional and global maritime securityZhang, Hongzhou
2012China’s food security : threats from conflicts of InterestZhang, Hongzhou
2012China’s growing fishing industry and regional maritime securityZhang, Hongzhou
2015China’s Silk Road economic belt : geopolitical challenges in Central AsiaZhang, Hongzhou; Guschin, Arthur