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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Acoustic matching of a traveling-wave thermoacoustic electric generatorWang, Kai; Zhang, Jie; Zhang, Ning; Sun, Daming; Luo, Kai; Zou, Jiang; Qiu, Limin
2018An agent-based simulation system for multi-project scheduling under uncertaintySong, Wen; Xi, Hui; Kang, Donghun; Zhang, Jie
 2017Analyzing customized bus service on a multimodal travel corridor: an analytical modeling approachZhang, Jie; Wang, David Zhiwei; Meng, M.
2019ATSIS : achieving the ad hoc teamwork by sub-task inference and selectionChen, Shuo; Andrejczuk, Ewa; Irissappane, Athirai Aravazhi; Zhang, Jie
2020Automated sourcing agent (I)Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan
2020Automation agent (II)Htet, Htet Chit
 2018A Bayesian multiagent trust model for social networksSardana, Noel; Cohen, Robin; Zhang, Jie; Chen, Shuo
2015Beating effect between a thermoacoustic source and its mechanical partnerWang, Kai; Sun, Daming; Zhang, Jie; Zhang, Ning; Luo, Kai; Qiu, Limin
2017Big data analytics for smart transportationZhang, Jie
2018BPRH : bayesian personalized ranking for heterogeneous implicit feedbackQiu, Huihuai; Liu, Yun; Guo, Guibing; Sun, Zhu; Zhang, Jie; Nguyen, Hai Thanh
2015A case-based reasoning framework to choose trust models for different E-marketplace environmentsIrissappane, Athirai Aravazhi; Zhang, Jie
2016Collusion-resistant spatial phenomena crowdsourcing via mixture of Gaussian Processes regressionZhang, Jie; Xiang, Qikun; Nevat, Ido; Zhang, Pengfei
 2012Combining trust modeling and mechanism design for promoting honesty In e-marketplacesZhang, Jie; Cohen, Robin; Larson, Kate
 2012Design of an incentive mechanism to promote honesty in e-marketplaces with limited inventoryLiu, Yuan; Zhang, Jie; Li, Qin
 2012Detecting imprudence of 'reliable' sellers in online auction sitesLiu, Xin; Datta, Anwitaman; Fang, Hui; Zhang, Jie
 2012Determining the optimal reporting strategy in competitive e-marketplacesNoorian, Zeinab; Zhang, Jie; Fleming, Michael; Marsh, Stephen
 2012Disc-like 7, 14-dicyano-ovalene-3,4:10,11-bis(dicarboximide) as a solution-processible n-type semiconductor for air stable field-effect transistorsLi, Jinling; Chang, Jing-Jing; Tan, Huei Shuan; Jiang, Hui; Chen, Xiaodong; Chen, Zhikuan; Zhang, Jie; Wu, Jishan
 2017Distributed adaptive fuzzy control for output consensus of heterogeneous stochastic nonlinear multiagent systemsLi, Shaobao; Er, Meng Joo; Zhang, Jie
 2012Effective acquaintance management based on Bayesian learning for distributed intrusion detection networksFung, Carol J.; Zhang, Jie; Boutaba, Raouf
2015Efficient and durable oxygen reduction and evolution of a hydrothermally synthesized La(Co 0.55 Mn 0.45 ) 0.99 O 3−δ nanorod/graphene hybrid in alkaline mediaGe, Xiaoming; Goh, F. W. Thomas; Li, Bing; Hor, T. S. Andy; Zhang, Jie; Xiao, Peng; Wang, Xin; Zong, Yun; Liu, Zhaolin