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2014Accuracy enhancement of the spherical actuator with a two-level geometric calibration methodZhang, Liang; Chen, Weihai; Liu, Jingmeng; Wu, Xingming; Chen, I-Ming
 2020Biological conversion of sulfamethoxazole in an autotrophic denitrification systemZhang, Liang; Sun, Faqian; Wu, Dan; Yan, Wangwang; Zhou, Yan
 2021Challenges of THP-AD centrate treatment using partial nitritation-anammox (PN/A) - inhibition, biomass washout, low alkalinity, recalcitrant and moreCao, Shenbin; Yan, Wangwang; Yu, Lei; Zhang, Liang; Lay, Winson; Zhou, Yan
 2022High-precision fiber optic liquid level sensor based on fast Fourier amplitude demodulation in a specific range of spectrumWang, Shun; Yang, Yaowen; Zhang, Liang; Mohanty, Lipi; Jin, Rui-Bo; Wu, Shun; Lu, Peixiang
2021In-situ adjustable fiber-optic piezometer based on parallelly structured external Fabry-Perot interferometers with Vernier effect and its harmonicsWang, Shun; Yang, Yaowen; Wu, Lei; Mohanty, Lipi; Jin, Rui-Bo; Zhang, Liang; Lu, Peixiang
 2021Interaction of perfluorooctanoic acid with extracellular polymeric substances - role of proteinYan, Wangwang; Qian, Tingting; Zhang, Liang; Wang, Li; Zhou, Yan
2020Machine-learning-driven synthesis of carbon dots with enhanced quantum yieldsHan, Yu; Tang, Bijun; Wang, Liang; Bao, Hong; Lu, Yuhao; Guan, Cuntai; Zhang, Liang; Le, Mengying; Liu, Zheng; Wu, Minghong
 2022Metagenomic assembled genomes unravel purple non‑sulfur bacteria (PNSB) involved in integrating C, N, P biotransformationWu, Dan; Zhao, Zelong; Zhang, Liang; Wang, Li; Zhou, Yan
2007Mobile agent based framework large-scale collaborative virtual environmentZhang, Liang
2018Modeling the origin of the ocular pulse and its impact on the optic nerve headJin, Yuejiao; Wang, Xiaofei; Zhang, Liang; Jonas, Jost B.; Aung, Tin; Schmetterer, Leopold; Girard, Michaël J. A.
 2022NOB suppression strategies in a mainstream membrane aerated biofilm reactor under exceptionally low lumen pressureChen, Rongfen; Cao, Shenbin; Zhang, Liang; Zhou, Yan
2022Power-frequency oscillation suppression algorithm for AC microgrid with multiple virtual synchronous generators based on fuzzy inference systemZhang, Liang; Zheng, Hao; Cai, Guowei; Zhang, Zhe; Wang, Xuesong; Koh, Leong Hai
 2021Pyrite assisted peroxymonosulfate sludge conditioning: uncover triclosan transformation during treatmentLiang, Jialin; Zhang, Liang; Zhou, Yan
 2020Quorum quenching altered microbial diversity and activity of anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) and enhanced methane generationLiu, Jianbo; Zhang, Liang; Zhang, Panyue; Zhou, Yan
2017Reliability Oriented Modeling and Analysis of Vehicular Power Line Communication for Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Information Exchange SystemZhang, Liang; Ma, Huanhuan; Shi, Donghan; Wang, Peng; Cai, Guowei; Liu, Xiaosheng
 2022Research on electric vehicle charging safety warning model based on back propagation neural network optimized by improved gray wolf algorithmZhang, Liang; Gao, Tian; Cai, Guowei; Koh, Leong Hai
 2021Triclosan transformation and impact on an elemental sulfur-driven sulfidogenic processZhang, Liang; Wu, Dan; Liang, Jialin; Wang, Li; Zhou, Yan
 2020Unveiling the role of activated carbon on hydrolysis process in anaerobic digestionYan, Wangwang; Zhang, Liang; Wijaya, Surya Maitri; Zhou, Yan