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 2016Analysis of Minimum Interaction Time for Continuous Distributed Interactive ComputingZhang, Lu; Tang, Xueyan; He, Bingsheng
2013Client assignment problems for distributed interactive computingZhang, Lu
2018Design of plasmonic nanoparticles and their use for biotoxin immunosensingZhang, Lu
2014Design usability study and new tv remote control uniteZhang, Lu
2019Research on detection and defense mechanisms of DoS attacks based on BP neural network and game theoryGao, Lijun; Li, Yanting; Zhang, Lu; Lin, Feng; Ma, Maode
2019Secure RFID authentication schemes based on security analysis and improvements of the USI protocolGao, Lijun; Zhang, Lu; Lin, Feng; Ma, Maode
2019Spatially controlled reduction and growth of silver in hollow gold nanoshell particlesZhang, Lu; Chen, Peng; Loiseau, Alexis; Brouri, Dalil; Casale, Sandra; Salmain, Michèle; Boujday, Souhir; Liedberg, Bo