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2019Carbon dots-decorated Bi2WO6 in an inverse opal film as a photoanode for photoelectrochemical solar energy conversion under visible-light irradiationLuo, Dongxiang; Chen, Qizan; Qiu, Ying; Liu, Baiquan; Zhang, Menglong
2019Device engineering for all-inorganic perovskite light-emitting diodesLuo, Dongxiang; Chen, Qizan; Qiu, Ying; Zhang, Menglong; Liu, Baiquan
2020Experimental and modeling investigations of miniaturization in InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodes and performance enhancement by micro-wall architectureZhang, Yiping; Lu, Shunpeng; Qiu, Ying; Wu, Jing; Zhang, Menglong; Luo, Dongxiang
 2018Extremely simplified, high-performance, and doping-free white organic light-emitting diodes based on a single thermally activated delayed fluorescent emitterLuo, Dongxiang; Chen, Qizan; Gao, Yuan; Zhang, Menglong; Liu, Baiquan