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2010Advanced cost allocation systemIdzni Santana; Yeo, Piak Loo; Zhang, Nan
2018All-in-fiber sensing and light generation based on specialty fibersZhang, Nan
2016Azimuthally Polarized Radial Emission from a Quantum Dot Fiber LaserZhang, Nan; Liu, He; Stolyarov, Alexander M.; Zhang, Ting; Li, Kaiwei; Shum, Perry Ping; Fink, Yoel; Sun, Xiao Wei; Wei, Lei
2017Bilayer expurgated LDPC codes with uncoded relayingNoor-A-Rahim, Md.; Zhang, Nan; Rabiul Islam, Sk. Md.; Guan, Yong Liang
2018Birefringence induced Vernier effect in optical fiber modal interferometers for enhanced sensingLi, Kaiwei; Zhang, Nan; Zhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Zhou, Wenchao; Zhang, Ting; Chen, Ming; Wei, Lei
2015The development of bed occupancy sensor systemZhang, Nan
2017Electron-rich two-dimensional molybdenum trioxides for highly integrated plasmonic biosensingZhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Li, Kaiwei; Zhang, Ting; Shum, Ping; Wang, Zhe; Wang, Zhixun; Zhang, Nan; Zhang, Jing; Wu, Tingting; Wei, Lei
2016Extraordinary sensitivity in optical microfiber based refractive index sensors near the turning point of turning point of effective group index differenceLi, Kaiwei; Zhang, Ting; Liu, Guigen; Zhang, Nan; Zhang, Mengying; Lei, Wei
2018Formation of ultra-flexible, conformal, and nano-patterned photonic surfaces via polymer cold-drawingWang, Zhe; Li, Kaiwei; Zhang, Nan; Zhang, Ting; Chen, Ming; Wu, Tingting; Ma, Shaoyang; Zhang, Mengying; Zhang, Jing; U. S., Dinish; Shum, Perry Ping; Olivo, Malini; Wei, Lei
2018Highly sensitive gas refractometers based on optical microfiber modal interferometers operating at dispersion turning pointZhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Li, Kaiwei; Zhang, Nan; Zheng, Yu; Zhang, Ting; Qi, Miao; Shum, Ping; Wei, Lei
 2016In-line optofluidic refractive index sensing in a side-channel photonic crystal fiberDinh, Xuan Quyen; Wei, Lei; Zhang, Nan; Humbert, Georges; Wu, Zhifang; Li, Kaiwei; Shum, Perry Ping; Zhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Cui, Ying; Auguste, Jean-Louis
 2018Spectral characteristics and ultrahigh sensitivities near the dispersion turning point of optical microfiber couplersLi, Kaiwei; Zhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Zhang, Nan; Zhang, Ting; Liu, Guigen; Wei, Lei
2018Ultra-sensitive chemical and biological analysis via specialty fibers with built-in microstructured optofluidic channelsZhang, Nan; Li, Kaiwei; Cui, Ying; Wu, Zhifang; Shum, Perry Ping; Auguste, Jean-Louis; Dinh, Xuan Quyen; Humbert, Georges; Wei, Lei
2018Ultrasensitive measurement of gas refractive index using an optical nanofiber couplerLi, Kaiwei; Zhang, Nan; Zhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Liu, Guigen; Zhang, Ting; Wei, Lei
2016Ultrasensitive optical microfiber coupler based sensors operating near the turning point of effective group index differenceZhang, Nan; Li, Kaiwei; Zhang, Ting; Liu, Guigen; Zhang, Mengying; Wei, Lei