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 2019Insights into nitrogen and boron-co-doped graphene toward high-performance peroxymonosulfate activation : maneuverable N-B bonding configurations and oxidation pathwaysChen, Xiao; Duan, Xiaoguang; Oh, Wen-Da; Zhang, Peng-Hui; Guan, Chao-Ting; Zhu, Yi-An; Lim, Teik Thye
 2020Surface construction of nitrogen-doped chitosan-derived carbon nanosheets with hierarchically porous structure for enhanced sulfacetamide degradation via peroxymonosulfate activation : maneuverable porosity and active sitesChen, Xiao; Oh, W. D.; Zhang, Peng-Hui; Webster, Richard David; Lim, Teik-Thye