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2016Breaking the symmetry of nanoparticles by anisotropic modification & fabrication of 3D sers platform for information storage applicationZhang, Qi
2012Correlation between subjective well-being and friendship patternZhang, Qi
2010Cultural intelligence & marketing strategy of OSIM International LtdZhang, Qi; Tan, Yi San; Lee, Lau Ching; Yuliani Lianto
 2012Design of a switchable microwave absorberZhang, Qi; Shen, Zhongxiang; Wang, Jianpeng; Lee, Kian Seng
 2012A dual-polarized switchable microwave absorberZhang, Qi; Shen, Zhongxiang
2015Elemental composition of organic aerosol: the gap between ambient and laboratory measurementsHe, Ling-Yan; Chen, Qi; Heald, Colette L.; Jimenez, Jose L.; Canagaratna, Manjula R.; Zhang, Qi; Huang, Xiao-Feng; Campuzano-Jost, Pedro; Palm, Brett B.; Poulain, Laurent; Kuwata, Mikinori; Martin, Scot T.; Abbatt, Jonathan P. D.; Lee, Alex K.Y.; Liggio, John
 2014Hierarchical 3D SERS substrates fabricated by integrating photolithographic microstructures and self-assembly of silver nanoparticlesZhang, Qi; Lee, Yih Hong; Phang, In Yee; Lee, Choon Keong; Ling, Xing Yi
2013Intrinsic dynamical fluctuation assisted symmetry breaking in adiabatic followingZhang, Qi; Gong, Jiangbin; Oh, C. H.
2019Metal-free visible light photoredox enables generation of carbyne equivalents via phosphonium ylide C–H activationDas, Mrinmoy; Vu, Minh Duy; Zhang, Qi; Liu, Xue-Wei
 2012A naked-eye based strategy for semiquantitative immunochromatographic assayZhang, Daohong; Li, Peiwu; Zhang, Wen; Ding, Xiaoxia; Zhang, Qi; Li, Ran; Li, Chang Ming
2003Neural network control for an intelligent air handler in an air-conditioning systemZhang, Qi
2018Pathways to mesoporous resin/carbon thin films with alternating gyroid morphologyZhang, Qi; Matsuoka, Fumiaki; Suh, Hyo Seon; Beaucage, Peter A.; Xiong, Shisheng; Smilgies, Detlef-M.; Tan, Kwan Wee; Werner, Jörg G.; Nealey, Paul F.; Wiesner, Ulrich B.
2004Putting the balanced scorecard to work in a Singapore semiconductor companyChen, Mei; Zhang, Qi