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 2021Buckling of a twisted rod with centralizers in a tubingZhang, Qiang; Wang, Xiaolong; Li, Wei; Xiao, Zhongmin; Yue, Qianbei; Zhu, Yu
 2019Buckling transition process of suspended tubulars during loading and unloadingZhang, Qiang; Jiang, Bao; Xiao, Zhongmin; Cui, Wei
 2014Controlled functionalization of carbonaceous fibers for asymmetric solid-state micro-supercapacitors with high volumetric energy densityYu, Dingshan; Goh, Kunli; Zhang, Qiang; Wei, Li; Wang, Hong; Jiang, Wenchao; Chen, Yuan
 2021Design for the reduction of volume shrinkage-induced distortion in digital light processing 3D printingZhang, Qiang; Weng, Shayuan; Hamel, Craig M.; Montgomery, S. Macrae; Wu, Jiangtao; Kuang, Xiao; Zhou, Kun; Qi, H. Jerry
2021A global analysis of the relationship between urbanization and fatalities in earthquake-prone areasHe, Chunyang; Huang, Qingxu; Bai, Xuemei; Robinson, Derek T.; Shi, Peijun; Dou, Yinyin; Zhao, Bo; Yan, Jubo; Zhang, Qiang; Xu, Fangjin; Daniell, James
2022Multi-crack dynamic interaction effect on oil and gas pipeline weld joints based on VCCTCui, Wei; Xiao, Zhongmin; Yang, Jie; Tian, Mi; Zhang, Qiang; Feng, Ziming
 2019A new magnetic structural algorithm based on virtual crack closure technique and magnetic flux leakage testing for circumferential symmetric double-crack propagation of X80 oil and gas pipeline weldCui, Wei; Zhang, Yuhang; Xiao, Zhongmin; Zhang, Qiang
 2021A new multi-field coupled dynamic analysis method for fracturing pipesYao, Liming; Xiao, Zhongmin; Liu, Jubao; Zhang, Qiang
 2014Nitrogen-doped graphene/carbon nanotube hybrids : in situ formation on bifunctional catalysts and their superior electrocatalytic activity for oxygen evolution/reduction reactionTian, Gui-Li; Zhao, Meng-Qiang; Yu, Dingshan; Kong, Xiang-Yi; Huang, Jia-Qi; Zhang, Qiang; Wei, Fei
 2019On the failure configuration of suspended tubular strings when helical buckling just occursZhang, Qiang; Jiang, Bao; Xiao, Zhongmin; Cui, Wei; Liu, Jubao
 2023Post-buckling loads of a horizontal pipe string with variable lengthLi, Wen; Zhao, Dong; Zhang, Qiang; Zhang, Xiaochuan; Yao, Liming; Yue, Qianbei
 2020Post-buckling transition of compressed pipe strings in horizontal wellboresZhang, Qiang; Wang, Jiacheng; Cui, Wei; Xiao, Zhongmin; Yue, Qianbei
 2022Recent advances in g-C₃N₄-based donor-acceptor photocatalysts for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution: an exquisite molecular structure engineeringZhang, Qiang; Chen, Juan; Che, Huinan; Wang, Peifang; Liu, Bin; Ao. Yanhui
2015The roles of lithium-philic giant nitrogen-doped graphene in protecting micron-sized silicon anode from fadingLiu, Xiaoxu; Chao, Dongliang; Zhang, Qiang; Liu, Hai; Hu, Hailong; Zhao, Jiupeng; Li, Yao; Huang, Yizhong; Lin, Jianyi; Shen, Ze Xiang
 2015Ternary hybrids of amorphous nickel hydroxide-carbon nanotube-conducting polymer for supercapacitors with high energy density, excellent rate capability, and long cycle lifeJiang, Wenchao; Yu, Dingshan; Zhang, Qiang; Goh, Kunli; Wei, Li; Yong, Yili; Jiang, Rongrong; Wei, Jun; Chen, Yuan