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2018Engineering properties of the Bukit Timah Granitic residual soil in SingaporeZhang, W. G.; Han, L.; Zhang, R. H.; Goh, Anthony Teck Chee
2019Numerical study of the effects of groundwater drawdown on ground settlement for excavation in residual soilsGoh, Anthony Teck Chee; Zhang, R. H.; Wang, W.; Wang, L.; Liu, H. L.; Zhang, W. G.
2018Performance of braced excavation in residual soil with groundwater drawdownZhang, W. G.; Goh, K. H.; Chew, O. Y. S.; Goh, Anthony Teck Chee; Zhou, D.; Zhang, Runhong
2016Stress investigation on a cracked craze interacting with a nearby circular inclusion in polymer compositesZhang, Yan Mei; Zhang, W. G.; Fan, M.; Xiao, Zhong Min