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 2012Assembly of two new Mn(II) coordination polymers based on 5-aminoisophthalate : structural diversity and propertiesZheng, Sheng-Run; Tan, Jing-Bo; Zhang, Wei-Guang; Wang, Ning; Cai, Song-Liang; Yin, Xia; Xiao, Tian-Tian; Fan, Jun
2012Preparation and chiral separation of a novel immobilized cellulose-based chiral stationary phase in high-performance liquid chromatographyZhang, Zhen Bin; Peng, G. M.; Wu, S. Q.; Fang, Z. L.; Wu, S. S.; Ng, S. C.; Zhang, Wei-Guang; Fan, Jun; Zheng, Sheng-Run
 2012Two types of new three-dimensional d–f heterometallic coordination polymers based on 2-(pyridin-3-yl)-1H Imidazole-4,5-dicarboxylate and oxalate ligands : syntheses, structures, luminescence, and magnetic propertiesCai, Song-Liang; Zheng, Sheng-Run; Wen, Zhen-Zhen; Fan, Jun; Wang, Ning; Zhang, Wei-Guang