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2003Aeroelastic analysis of super long cable-supported bridgesZhang, Xin
2018Distributed hierarchical control of AC microgrid operating in grid-connected, islanded and their transition modesHou, Xiaochao; Sun, Yao; Lu, Jinghang; Zhang, Xin; Koh, Leong Hai; Su, Mei; Guerrero, Josep M.
2004E-democracy in China : investigation, evaluation and prospectsZhang, Xin
26-Apr-2019Enantioconvergent halogenophilic nucleophilic substitution (SN2X) reaction by chiral phase-transfer catalysisZhang, Xin
2018FPGA implementation of sensorless sliding mode observer with a novel rotation direction detection for PMSM drivesMa, Zhixun; Zhang, Xin
2011Frequency-invariant beamforming for circular arraysZhang, Xin
2019Impedance-sum stability criterion for power electronic systems with two converters/sourcesZhong, Qing-Chang; Zhang, Xin
2019Intelligent energy management algorithms for EV-charging scheduling with consideration of multiple EV charging modesMao, Tian; Zhang, Xin; Zhou, Baorong
2017Mechanical behaviors of individual core-shell microspheres and their polymeric composites under different strain ratesZhang, Xin
2017Modification of the contact surfaces for improving the puncture resistance of laminar structuresWang, Pengfei; Yang, Jinglei; Li, Xin; Liu, Mao; Zhang, Xin; Sun, Dawei; Bao, Chenlu; Gao, Guangfa; Yahya, Mohd Yazid; Xu, Songlin
2019An optimal-oriented quasi-droop control of interlinking converter in hybrid microgridLin, Fanfan; Zhang, Xin; Liao, Huanyue; Hou, Xiaochao
2019Optimization of shear thickening fluid encapsulation technique and dynamic response of encapsulated capsules and polymeric compositeZhang, Xin; Zhang, He; Wang, Pengfei; Chen, Qian; Li, Xin; Zhou, Youjin; Gong, Xinglong; Zhang, Zhong; Yang, En-Hua; Yang, Jinglei
2000Providing minimum bandwidth guarantees to TCP traffic in ATM networksZhang, Xin
2018Rate dependent behaviors of nickel-based microcapsulesZhang, Xin; Wang, Pengfei; Sun, Dawei; Li, Xin; Yu, T. X.; Yang, En-Hua; Yang, Jinglei
2009RO membrane/polyamide layer synthesisZhang, Xin
2008Use of ontology to manage a consumer product website : a study of a mobile phone siteZhang, Xin