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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Copula gaussian multi-scale graphical modelsZhang, Xu
2012Copula Gaussian multiscale graphical models with application to geophysical modelingYu, Hang; Dauwels, Justin; Zhang, Xu; Xu, Shiyan; Uy, Wayne Isaac T.
2018Large-scale 3D printing by a team of mobile robotsTay, Daniel Yi Wei; Zhang, Xu; Li, Mingyang; Lim, Jian Hui; Weng, Yiwei; Pham, Hung; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2021Large-scale 3D printing with multiple mobile robots for building and constructionZhang, Xu
2018Performance comparisons of various frequency-hopped multiple-access receiverZhang, Xu
2019Planning coordinated motions for tethered planar mobile robotsZhang, Xu; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2016Skin image processing and classificationZhang, Xu
2021Stress-cognizant 3D printing of free-form concrete structuresLim, Jian Hui; Zhang, Xu; Ting, Andrew Guan Heng; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2012Theoretical study on wireless power transfer system via magnetic resonant couplingZhang, Xu