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 2021Evaporation of a sessile droplet on flat surfaces: an axisymmetric lattice Boltzmann model with consideration of contact angle hysteresisZhang, Chaoyang; Zhang, Hui; Zhang, Xuan; Yang, Chun; Cheng, Ping
2016Ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry (IMS-MS) for on- and offline analysis of atmospheric gas and aerosol speciesKrechmer, Jordan E.; Groessl, Michael; Zhang, Xuan; Junninen, Heikki; Massoli, Paola; Lambe, Andrew T.; Kimmel, Joel R.; Cubison, Michael J.; Graf, Stephan; Lin, Ying-Hsuan; Budisulistiorini, Sri Hapsari; Zhang, Haofei; Surratt, Jason D.; Knochenmuss, Richard; Jayne, John T.; Worsnop, Douglas R.; Jimenez, Jose-Luis; Canagaratna, Manjula R.
2020It happensZhang, Xuan
2010Protecting group directed asymmetric organocatalysis [3+2] cycloaddition of isocyanide and methyleneindolinone : stereoselective construction of spirocyclic oxindolesZhang, Xuan
2020Reduced contact time of a droplet impacting on a moving superhydrophobic surfaceZhang, Xuan; Zhu, Zhibing; Zhang, Chaoyang; Yang, Chun