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2018Combining convolutional neural network and distance distribution matrix for identification of congestive heart failureLi, Yaowei; Zhang, Yao; Zhao, Lina; Zhang, Yang; Liu, Chengyu; Zhang, Li; Zhang, Liuxin; Li, Zhensheng; Wang, Binhua; Ng, Eyk; Li, Jianqing; He, Zhiqiang
2015Damage detection in compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders based on auxiliary mass induced frequency shiftZhang, Yao; Wang, L. Q.; Lie, Seng Tjhen
2015Damage detection using frequency shift pathLie, Seng Tjhen; Zhang, Yao; Wang, Longqi
2016Detection of damaged supports under railway track based on frequency shiftWang, Longqi; Zhang, Yao; Lie, Seng Tjhen
 2019Extracting mode shapes for beams through a passing auxiliary massZhang, Yao; Zhao, Hai-Sheng; Lie, Seng-Tjhen
2018Fracture assessment of mismatched girth welds in oval-shaped clad pipes subjected to bending momentZhao, Hai-Sheng; Lie, Seng-Tjhen; Zhang, Yao
 2017Fracture Response of Girth-Welded Pipeline With Canoe Shape Embedded Crack Subjected to Large Plastic DeformationLie, Seng Tjhen; Zhang, Yao; Zhao, Haisheng
2011Part I: transition metal complexes with nitrone-based bidentate and tridentate ligands: synthesis, structural characterizations, and catalysis. Part II: N-heterocyclic carbene based ruthenium catalysts for direct amide synthesis from alcohols and amines.Zhang, Yao
2017Stress intensity factors for semi-elliptical surface cracks in plate-to-plate butt welds with parallel misalignment of same thicknessZhao, Hai Sheng; Lie, S. T.; Zhang, Yao
2015Vibration based damage assessment of type 1 compressed natural gas cylinderZhang, Yao