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2017Biomimetic tactile sensor and spike train processing for surface roughness discrimination and active explorationYi, Zhengkun
2014Cellular Stiffness Measurement for 3D Biological PrintingWenna, Badjo; Li, Cheng; Xu, Qinwei; Shreyas, Kuddannaya; Zhang, Yilei; Kang, Yuejun
2014Characterization of 3d printed substrates for cell cultureLiew, Andy Wen Loong
2015Diffusion between glass and metals for optical fiber preform extrusionNair, Dileep Kumar Chakkathara Janardhanan; Zhang, Yilei; Yeo, Felicia Yan Xin; Zhang, Zhifeng
2015Fabrication and characterization of a multichannel 3D thermopile for chip calorimeter applicationsHuynh, Tho Phuoc; Zhang, Yilei; Yehuda, Cohen
2016Fabrication of lumenized vascular tubes for tissue engineering applicationsLiew, Andy Wen Loong; Zhang, Yilei
2017In vitro pre-vascularization strategies for tissue engineered constructs – bioprinting and othersLiew, Andy Wen Loong; Zhang, Yilei
2002Micro-machining of silicon and metals using femtosecond laserKoh, Wee Leong; Wang, Lei; Wong, Thai Yuan; Zhang, Yilei
2019A microfluidic gradient mixer-flow chamber as a new tool to study biofilm development under defined solute gradientsZhang, Yingdan; Li, Cheng; Wu, Yichao; Zhang, Yilei; Zhou, Zhi; Cao, Bin
 2017Porous prussian blue nanocubes as photothermal ablation agents for efficient cancer therapyXue, Peng; Bao, Jingnan; Wu, Yafeng; Zhang, Yilei; Kang, Yuejun