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2018Characterization of mechanical properties of Ultem® 9085 using FDMZhang, Yongjie; Yeoh, Yong Chen; Zheng, Guoying; Moon, Seung Ki
2021A data driven design strategy to improve quality in additive manufacturingZhang, Yongjie
2021Data-driven design strategy in fused filament fabrication : status and opportunitiesZhang, Yongjie; Moon, Seung Ki
2021The effect of annealing on additive manufactured ULTEM™ 9085 mechanical propertiesZhang, Yongjie; Moon, Seung Ki
2021Effect of geometry on the mechanical response of additively manufactured polymerZhang, Yongjie; Choi, Joon Phil; Moon, Seung Ki
2017An investigation on tapered wings with leading edge tuberclesZhang, Yongjie